Step by Step Processes

We check, monitor and quality control every wheel through every stage of the refurbishment process. From the acid bath and chemical stripping to shot blasting, repairing scuffs and damage, with extra forensics factored in if we suspect something is amiss. Then on to the powder priming and coating or painting in the colour of your choice, including original manufacturer’s colours, before oven baking, diamond cutting as required, and lacquering. The process is completed with tyre refits, valve replacement and wheel balancing.

Step 1

Acid bath dip – chemical removal of all dirt, paint and impurities. At this point we assess any damage, scratches and scuffs that need repairing.

Step 2

Check for defects and impurities and hand finish to ensure smooth finish for powder coating.

Step 3

Each wheel is individually shot blasted in one of our blast wash machines.

Step 4

Powder Prime wheels and apply colour of choice then oven bake at high temperature, remove and place on special hangers to cool.

Step 5

If Diamond Cutting is required for a unique appearance this specialist process takes place at this stage.

Step 6

Apply lacquer to wheels for shiny appearance and return to oven for second curing wheel finishing Yorkshire Wheel lacquering Yorkshire.

Step 7

Finally – tyre refit, valve replacement and wheel balancing.