4 Wheel Alignment

For maximum efficiency, comfort and safety

4-Wheel Alignment ensures all your wheels point in exactly the right direction in relation to each other and your direction of travel. Today’s cars are complex and have many adjustable components within the steering and suspension systems which, if not set correctly, can cause misalignment.


It’s a simple concept really, but often overlooked. This could be due to cost perceptions but in fact it’s becoming an increasingly important part of maintaining your car’s steering and suspension system to guard against misalignment. The result is the potential to achieve savings against overall motoring costs.

Our Process

We have the technology to accurately measure up to 14 primary wheel angles and compare them with the original specifications as detailed by the vehicle manufacturer. Any differences identified can be corrected by adjusting the car’s steering and suspension settings resulting in maximising fuel efficiency, reducing any uneven tyre wear and improving the comfort and safety of your overall driving experience.


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