Our terms and conditions outline our commitments and disclaimers for customers who decide to instruct us to provide services to them. This page includes our guarantees and outlines our terms on the services we provide. Read on for further information.


Diamond Cutting work is guaranteed for 6 months from collection

Powder Coating work is guaranteed for 12 months from collection



Whilst we take the utmost care, sometimes there can be issues that occur during the refurbishment process for which we cannot be held responsible or liable:


Refurbishing Wheels

  1. We always take the greatest of care when inspecting the damage to your wheels, and when determining the work that needs to be carried out. Sometimes, however, issues only become apparent after we have stripped the wheels in acid for full refurbishment.
  2. Your wheels may need extra work if we find unforeseen issues such as hidden cracks, buckles or extra corrosion We will make you aware of these issues should they occur and will advise you of the extra cost of any work that may be needed. This could also lengthen the time in which your wheels will be completed.

Diamond Cutting

  1. This is a very precise process and takes longer to carry out than a powder coat refurbishment.
  2. We take the greatest care when advising you about diamond-cut wheels as the procedure will change the finish of the wheel and sometimes wheels are not suitable for diamond cutting. This is due to the fact that we cannot be sure how many times the wheel has been previously cut. We make the best judgement and if in our opinion we deem the wheel not suitable for further cutting we will advise you accordingly.
  3. If you choose to just have diamond cut and lacquer it doesn’t include any work on the paint finish. This means that if there is a tar build-up or any imperfections in the paintwork these could be highlighted when the lacquer is applied. We do try our best to clean the wheel during the aqua blasting process but sometimes we cannot remove the excess build-up. If discolouration does occur we are not liable and you would have to pay an additional price to have a full refurbishment to fix the discolouration.
  4. When a diamond cut wheel has lacquer applied to the surface, any small stone chips will allow water ingress which will cause lifting of the lacquer and in time causes the lacquer to deteriorate and appear cloudy, for this reason, our guarantee for diamond cut alloys is for a period of 6 months only. 

Colour matching

  1. We try our best when powder coating wheels to match an exact colour. However, sometimes wheels will not look exactly the same because a refurbished wheel will look brand new next to the other wheels.
  2. We try where possible to colour match your wheels in your presence so you can agree on the exact colour.
  3. If it is an unusual colour we recommend you have 2 wheels on the same side refurbished. If you have chosen the colour we are not liable if you are not happy with the finished result.
  4. We stock or can obtain most OEM colours. We endeavour to produce an exact colour match although there may be slight variations. Where wheels are not in OEM colours customers can expect variations in matching of between 10-15%.

Smoke or Tinted lacquer

  1. Please note that the tinted lacquer we use does not always match the tinted lacquer on your existing alloys. If you only give us one alloy to refurbish, whilst we will do our best, we are not liable should this not match up with your existing wheels. We recommend doing a minimum of 2 wheels from the same side of the vehicle.


  1. We offer a welding service but are unfortunately not able to offer a guarantee due to the run-down conditions of our roads and speed bumps.


  1. We offer a service for straightening buckled alloys. Please note that there is always a chance that a wheel may crack when carrying out this procedure. Should this be the case we would advise you and any additional work involved would incur an additional charge. 

Vehicles on site

  1. All wheel locking nut keys for the removal and fitting of wheels should be left visible and accessible to our team. If there is no locking nut available a charge of £12 will be made for each nut that has to be removed.
  2. Any valuables or goods left in your vehicle are left at your own discretion and risk.
  3. We are not responsible for resetting any monitors within your vehicle.
  4. We have 24/7 CCTV for the safety of all vehicles which are left on our premises at your own risk.

Removal of wheels

  1. When refitting your wheels, we will attempt to use your original valves where possible. If replacement valves are needed this would incur an extra cost of £10 per valve. If the valves are rubber ones attached to sensors, sometimes during removal the rubber valve may snap causing an air leak. Should this happen and we have to replace the valve this will also incur an extra cost. If there is any issue with your metal valves and they cannot be refitted, you will need to provide replacements or authorise us to order new ones at an extra cost.
  2. If, when removing your tyres, damage occurs to tyre pressure sensors (TPMS), although we take the greatest of care when removing them, sometimes if they are in a difficult position or have undergone excessive corrosion, they could become damaged on removal. We cannot be held responsible for replacing them. If damage to the TPMS does occur we would not provide a replacement system without informing you of the cost or giving you the option to supply them yourself. If reprogramming of the TPMS is required it is up to the customer to contact their dealership or garage for help in this respect.
  3. We will not refit damaged or dangerous tyres and we are not responsible for any damage that occurs to the tyres unless it has occurred through an incorrect fitting.
  4. When removing your tyres there is a possibility that wheels can be damaged.
  5. Customers are responsible for the disposal of their old tyres unless a fee of £10 per tyre is paid on collection of wheels.