Our team has put together a selection of the most frequently asked questions that they answer on a regular basis.

If you don’t see the answer you want on this page then just simply give us a call on 01924 720720. There’s nothing better than having a chat about your project!

We remove tyres if required and put the alloys into our acid bath dip for the chemical removal of all dirt, paint and impurities. At this point we can assess any damage, scratches and scuffs that need repairing.

Each wheel is then individually shot blasted in one of our blast wash machines. Following that we check for defects and impurities and hand finish the alloy to ensure a smooth finish for powder coating or painting.

This depends entirely on what you want doing and if repairs are needed prior to other refurbishment work. Our team will advise you of our anticipated turnaround time when you

We generally quote between 2-4 days to complete work but our aim is to get you back up and running as soon as we can.

We carry a wide range of ‘slave wheels’ in popular sizes, that we are happy to fit onto your vehicle whilst we have your wheels in our workshop. Just ask what we have when you call us.

Powder primed wheels are loaded into our powder coating booth where we powder spray them in the colour of choice then oven bake at high temperature, remove them and place on special hangers to cool.

At Transalloy Wheels, we specialise in diamond cut refurbishments using state of the art CNC equipment. The process involves taking a powder coated wheel and adding a machine cut finish to the front face to produce a shiny, bare metal effect.

Powder Coating is the best process to give long lasting protection top your alloys. It can maintain its finish in excess of 15 years but this does of course depend on how well the powder coating has been done in the first place as well as the materials used. However, it is proven to resist corrosion, the weather and general wear and tear as its more durable than paint or other liquid coatings.

This is when you create your own look for your wheels – maybe a special colour to give your car a unique appearance. If you fancy anything a little out of the ordinary, we can order any colour you want from traditional conservative colours to downright quirky! Here at Transalloy Wheels we love a customisation project and are happy to chat to you about what you are trying to achieve.

In many cases yes. We have vast experience in straightening and sorting out buckles and other problems such as split rims and cracks. This is due to our expertise in welding, however we will never repair a wheel that we think is beyond saving and will advise you accordingly.

We have been trading since 2017 and have established a vibrant and successful business working for both trade and private customers.  Our results speak for themselves and are reflected in the testimonials and ratings we receive. We are a family business with a friendly team that is focussed on customer service and high quality work.