Diamond Cutting for that special unique look

Not all Alloy Wheel Refurbishment companies offer Diamond Cutting as standard. Why? Because this is a specialist technique that requires investment in precision CNC machinery and in trained personnel with the skills to operate it. We have all of this at Transalloy Wheels. In fact, we have over 5 years’ experience of Diamond Cutting Alloys Wheels.

What’s good about Diamond Cut alloys?

How is Diamond Cutting achieved?

Customers love the high shine finish produced by Diamond Cutting. A finished wheel looks as if it has two tones and oozes quality. Often associated with high end or sports models Diamond Cut wheels are now becoming more common place as OEM/standard on many models.

The wheels are machined before completion to achieve fine lines and often the design has razor-sharp edges. In conjunction with a base powder coat paint the technique will create impressive, eye-catching wheels.

Can all alloys be Diamond Cut?

Does Diamond Cutting last?

It’s not always possible to Diamond Cut alloys depending on the profile of the face of the wheel, We will always advise you if we can Diamond Cut your alloys.

Generally their finish is not retained for as long as a powder coated alloy. Wheels that are not correctly cut can also look dull and if the lacquer is not applied correctly water will get underneath and cause premature corrosion.

How many times can a wheel be Diamond Cut?

Yes wheels can be Diamond Cut more than once and potentially up to 3 times, bearing in mind that each time the wheel is cut part of the surface is removed. At Transalloy we will never compromise on the safety of your wheels and will advise accordingly.

Our reviews and feedback speak for themselves We advise that you avoid buying twice and come direct to the experts at Transalloy Wheels.

Call us for more information and to book your wheels in.