Here at Transalloy we have now made it possible for you to get your wheels refurbished or repaired NOW rather than having to save up or wait for payday.

Here’s how it works

Spread the cost of your bill with our interest Free credit scheme:

  • Pay 25% of the invoice today
  • Pay the remaining amount over 3 equal monthly payments

Once we have assessed your job and given you our estimate we apply for the credit on your behalf. There is a 98% acceptance rate following a soft credit check from our credit partner.


Sample payment

Let’s make the maths simple with this example:

  1. The estimate for your alloy wheel job is £400
  2. You pay us just £100 today as a deposit to take out the finance plan while we pay the merchant’s invoice in full.
  3. You pay us a further £100 per month for three more months, and then it’s all done. Simple!

Original bill: £400. Total paid: £400. No fees, no interest.

*Terms & Conditions

  1. You pay no interest or fees on the funds you need providing your payments are made in line with the payment plan.
  2. You pay 25% of the total bill via your debit card on the day, followed by 3 more equal monthly payments from the debit card.
  3. Payment Assist check that your card has adequate funds to pay the initial deposit and the address registered to your debit card, but no ‘footprint’ is left on your credit status and this online check takes seconds. In some circumstances they may need to carry out a full credit check, where they will ask for your permission before this takes place.
  4. If additional work is required once we inspect your wheels eg buckles/cracks requiring welding/repair we will notify you of the additional costs. We can refund your original plan and apply for a new one to cover the whole of the work, or apply for a new plan to cover the additional work only. If total costs exceed £1K the application will be subject to a new credit check.
  5. Interest-Free Credit is not available on special offers and promotions.
  6. Interest-Free Credit scheme is provided by Payment Assist, specialist providers of finance to the motor trades.