‘Buy cheap, buy twice’

Pay a cheap price for something and it’s commonly acknowledged you are likely to have to ‘buy twice’. It’s false economy.

Everyone wants more for their money for everything that you buy but ‘cheap’ rarely turns out to be the best investment. Cheap things break or don’t last and you get what you pay for.

But when it comes to finding the money for better quality products and service it can feel hard to justify – especially with the cost of living on the rise.

The team at Transalloy will always give you a fair price for quality work and will explain to you why repairs and refurbishments from us may appear a little more expensive as against a ‘cheap quote’ you may have received from someone else.

Generally ‘cheap’ in our trade means that a job won’t last – the colour on the alloys will dull or the finish will start flaking again in a few month’s time.

Why buy from Transalloy Wheels?

  1. Trained Team

All our technicians are fully trained and conversant with all problems associated with alloy wheel maintenance. We are highly skilled at Diamond Cutting. Read our testimonials to see the great feedback that we receive.

  1. Latest equipment

We have the latest equipment on the premises for each stage of the refurbishment process so we do not have to contract the work out.

  1. If we can’t repair it we will tell you

We will not weld or patch up any wheel that we consider could post a danger to you and others on the road.

  1. Attention to detail

All our processes are quality checked at every stage.

  1. Interest Free Credit

‘Buy now, pay later’. Spread the cost of your bill with our interest Free credit scheme, which we think will assist with the cost of living challenges:

  • Pay 25% of the invoice when you book in
  • Pay the remaining amount over 3 equal monthly payments

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All we ask is that we have the opportunity to challenge your idea of ‘value’. Looking for cheap prices or buying cheap can be a notion that is hard to let go of, but if you want your hard-earned money to go as far as possible, then start thinking of the price you pay as representing good value. And that is exactly what you will get from Transalloy Wheels.